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We have only the most experienced and dedicated mechanics working in San Clemente Auto Center. All of our technicians and mechanics are certified and have an extensive background working with automotive air conditioning and modern heating systems. Count on us to get your car’s AC working properly.


Car Air Conditioning not working can be a very uncomfortable experience. San Clemente Auto Center can help stop your A/C blowing hot air.
Very often an A/C recharge is what is needed and not an air condition repair.
If you notice your air conditioning system is not blowing as cold as it should, bring your vehicle to San Clemente Auto Center to have one of our skilled technicians decide if an auto air conditioning repair service is what is needed.
We can fix your car A/C problems

The Basics Behind Air Conditioning System Services at Advanced Automotive & Tire Services

Car air conditioning systems promote a comfortable cabin interior and help prevent driver fatigue. During normal vehicle operation, a substantial amount of heat is created by the engine and exterior contributors like the road and sun. Your vehicle’s AC system is responsible for cooling, purifying, and circulating air. Your air conditioning system works through a series of processes that involve refrigerant. In your vehicle, the refrigerant is responsible for removing heat from the cabin compartment. Refrigerant goes through a continuous cycle of air compression that is dependent on your compressor’s drive belt. The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the system where it is transformed from a hot gas into a liquid and then cooled. Through a number of other components, such as the condenser, compressor, and evaporator, the liquid is again processed into a gas, pressurized, and vaporized before being released into the cabin as cool air.

Why Should You Have Air Conditioning System Services Performed at Advanced Automotive & Tire Services?

Like most aspects of car maintenance, treating a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning system early can help prevent major repairs. For example, an air conditioning system operating on low refrigerant due to a leak will eventually damage the compressor. Replacing or repairing the compressor can be more expensive than sealing the leak and refilling the refrigerant. Some symptoms to beware of regarding a faulty air conditioning system include an inoperative fan or blower, an unusual amount of noise during regular operation, and, of course, reduced cooling capability. Stale smelling air is another sign that something is wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioner. A clogged compressor, evaporator, condenser, or expansion valve can contribute to AC system failure. Routine maintenance now can help you avoid major AC repairs down the road.

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A/C & Heating/Cooling System Symptoms & Warning Signs

  1. 1. A/C system doesn’t cool vehicle to set temperature
  2. 2. Fan/blower does not work when set in A/C mode
  3. 3. Fan/blower is louder than usual
  4. 4. Some or all of the dash controls do not work
  5. 5. Heater, top and side vents, or defroster do not work
  6. 6. A/C or engine makes loud noises when the heat or A/C is turned on
  7. 7. Vehicle stalls or idles roughly when A/C is turned on
  8. 8. Vehicle runs hot or overheats when A/C is on
  9. 9. There is water on the car’s floor
  10. 10. Electric engine cooling fan quickly cycles on and off
  11. 11. Unusual odors come from interior vents
  12. 12. A/C unit has not been serviced regularly
  13. 13. Windows fog when defroster is turned on